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About Robbie Clarke – Dog Behaviorist Northern Ireland

The Heart & Soul Of DogSense - Dog Behaviorist and TrainerDog behaviorist, Robbie Clarke – While growing up in Northern Ireland I had several different dog breeds.  Looking back, I will admit that I was not really fulfilling their lives, all because little was known about dog behaviour back then.

Even so, I had an uncanny way of communicating with them. I have always had a fascination and an affinity for dogs of all types of breeds, from Beagles to Rottweilers. Always needing to know why they behaved like they do.

Now, I would like to share it with you and I sincerely hope that you will find it rewarding too.

About DogSense.uk.com

When referring to a canine relationship, love and respect are two unrelated emotions.

Respect is gained through hard work, education and experience. This is the most important lesson I have learned in the many years working with dogs.

Dog training does not necessarily have to begin when you acquire a 10 week old puppy (although it should) or when your 12 year old pet dog bites a child.

In reality it begins on the day you make up your mind to learn how dogs think, that is, understanding dog behaviour and in turn, how they relate to the world they live in.

It begins when you decide to communicate with your dog in a manner that both you and your dog respect and understand.

It begins when you make up your mind to develop a meaningful relationship based on trust, communication and control. Your dog will start exhibiting the sign of unbreakable bond, the sign of love for his master.

In a dog’s world!

Domestic dogs look at the family they live with as their family pack. If the humans do not become pack leaders then the dog will step up and assume the role. That is how and why dogs become dominant and we assume that they are acting up or just that they do not like a particular person, animal or even a particular surrounding.

So now it is fair to ask the question…

On the home-front, ‘What rank does your dog have?’

Each pack must have a leader and a hierarchy. I have been providing owners with steps, tips and techniques to demonstrate leadership when a dog enters your home and becomes part of ‘your pack’.

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The DogSense Training Method

The quick answer is that we use them all. Every dog is different so we are trained in virtually every method that is out there as well as some of our unique methods found nowhere else.

The corner stone of our training program is based on education in dog psychology and treating every dog with the respect all of God’s creatures deserve. We first assess the situation and only then, work a method from there onwards.

Generally, positive reinforcement based methods are used first, to teach trust and exactly what actions we want from them and then we teach responsibility through gentle corrective based training to create reliability in all environments.

To be sure that every dog completes his course with a wagging tail and aura of confidence, all dogs and their owners will receive the patience they deserve.

We do not cram obedience or muscle the dogs around.

Owners will not be rushed through an appointment or charged for lessons that need to go over the scheduled time. You and your dog will trust your trainer, we promise.

In conclusion:

In the wild, the dog’s survival depends on a disciplined, organized and strong pack, where every member knows its place in the hierarchy and the rules established by the alpha dog.

As a dog behaviourist, I teach the owners to remain calm, positive and consistent in giving the dog rules that helps him to live in a human pack without unwanted behaviour. In turn, establishing trust for his pack leader.

It is possible to communicate with canines, to speedily correct and control unwanted behaviour in a kind, humane and gentle manner.

DogSense does not condone or use methods that involve shouting, punishment of any kind or use of any punitive equipment.

Our methods require patience, nonviolent means, lots of repetition, and positive reinforcement.

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3 Responses to “About DogSense”

  1. Hi, my ten month old matleaste/shitzu is very disobedient when i let her out to pee she runs away and when i call on her she runs even further like its a game. im sick of running after her. She also barks at my neighbors and when i bring her in and hit her for running away she will try and bite me. She doesnt listen to any commands. I have another dog, who is amazing she does everything shes told, could this be a jelousy thing? Help?

  2. Robert Clarke says:

    Hi Christie,
    It is obvious to me that you are finding yourself in a predicament as to why one dog is behaving just the way you want it to behave, whereas the other is being down right boisterous ;-), thus causing contention in your living environment.

    The good news is, is that all the issues you have pointed out can be easily resolved with discipline in a form of games and not through hitting her. I assure you that it will be an pleasant transformation and a happy family environment.

    Please contact me at info@dogsense.uk.com, if you want me to personally help you with your ten month old matleaste/shitzu (sorry you did not mention her name).

  3. Hi, it wouldnt let me email that address, if you could email mine, i could get back in contact.


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