Dog Behavior Problems – Why Educate Humans For Bad Dog Behaviour?

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Dog Behavior Problems – Why Educate Humans For Bad Dog Behaviour?

Dog Behavior Problems – Educating Humans, Rehabilitating Dogs!

Dog behavior problems stems from us humans wanting our canine friends to act as little furry humans and use the psychology that we would use with our children.  This in itself can be the main cause of our dogs’ unwanted behaviour.

Dogs have no idea what we are saying to them in our language and only associate the words with eventual outcomes of the situation. Dogs are first and foremost pack animals and look for leadership in different methods than we naturally demonstrate. So dog behaviour problems should be prevented quickly and easily.

The Start Of Dog Behaviour Problems – How To Avoid This!

A pack animal constantly looks for leadership and if none is to be found, it will naturally assume the role itself. This is where many of the problems arise as your dog is not up to being that leader, in our human environment it cannot control many situations and as a leader stresses over the lack of control and the safety and security of it’s pack – you and your family.

Look at the situation through your dogs’ eyes, when it enters your home – you and your family become the pack and someone has to be the leader, a hierarchy throughout the pack must be established.

There are various areas where your dog seeks this necessary leadership and we as humans often miss the signs. This leads your dog to step into the role and become protector and decision maker of the home, and you are then viewed as a lower pack member who need to be controlled and taken care of.

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Dog Behavior Problems – At DogSense we teach you rather than your dog!

We teach a kind and gentle method that your dog understands and how to install you as the ‘alpha’ or pack leader

Covering all areas, you will learn to speak their language, thus giving you the necessary tools for a calm, relaxed and balanced dog.

  • You will be able to communicate in a manner your dog understands.
  • You will be able to go on a walk with your dog looking up to you for direction.
  • Imagine being able to come and go as you please without any fuss.
  • Feel how good it would be to have visitors without any unwanted or embarrassing behaviour.
  • Prevent unnecessary barking with a calm phrase.

This is what you can look forward to with dog behavior problems the help from DogSense Home Consultation Package!

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