DogSense Home Consultation Package for N.Ireland

DogSense Home Consultation Package

At DogSense, we take great pride in our teaching and its success, so we offer a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in our DogSense Home Consultation Package. If at any time during the consultation you feel our methods are not for you, there will be no charge.  In addition, if after using our methods for six weeks, there are no changes, you will be fully refunded! That is how confident we are!

Why Should You Opt For DogSense Home Consultation Package?

Dog Problems? DogSense Home Consultation PackageDogSense will teach you to communicate effectively with your dog in a language they will understand.  We will build your confidence as a leader your dog can look up to and respect and to answer any challenges your dog gives you.  All areas your dog looks for leadership will be covered.

Your dog will become a calm, relaxed and balanced dog and you a calm, relaxed and happy leader.

It is our belief that this is the best gift you can give your dog; it is a method that will work with any breed, size or age of dog.  This is because all dogs are pack animals, all are descendants of the wolf and all speak the same language!

DogSense is not the cheapest in the Northern Ireland, however, something we are proud of is, that we offer excellent value for money and can prove this to you from the feedback and testimonials read more…

If however, you find you do not agree with this we will give you a full refund without question.

Price of  DogSense Home Consultation Package will be as follows: £90.00 (half-day) or £180,00 (full-day) plus mileage, plus an extra £10 if consultation is booked for afterhours or weekends.

What Is Included In DogSense Home Consultation Package

Dog Problems - Home Consultation PackageThe consultation process involves a visit to your home, where I can observe your dog both in the home and on the walk.  To get a complete picture I watch the interaction between you and your family and your dog, your dog and strangers and your dog and other animals.

I will address any issues and advise on establishing you as the leader and where your dog looks to you for leadership. The length of the consultation (half-day or full day) will be determined over the telephone prior to our meeting.

A follow up visit (generally 1 hour long or thereabout), will be arranged where I will work with you and your dog on any further issues – I will not leave any visit until you are fully satisfied and all your questions are answered.

Following this you will have a 24/7 access to me by telephone for up to 3 months.
A three monthly payment plan with NO INTEREST is offered with all packages.

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