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Welcome to DogSense! I am a qualified dog trainer and behaviourist previously working in the south and north of England but now based in Larne, Northern Ireland.

The professional services I offer as a dog behaviorist, gives me great joy to work along with owners and their dogs, assessing their problems and developing a positive dog training program that is specifically designed for both dog and owner.

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The Basis of DogSense – Dog Behaviour Training Programs

A pack animal’s survival depends on a strong, stable and organized pack, whereby every member has a place in the hierarchy and follows rules established by a respected pack leader. Being a member of the pack is the greatest natural motivation for any dog.

We are so convinced at DogSense in this kind and gentle method of teaching that we offer a FULL MONEY BACK guarantee!

DogSense educates and assists you in the rehabilitation of your dog, thus allowing your dog to live a happy, stress-free and balanced life.

What Is Wrong With My Dog?

The main reason for the unwanted behaviour is a breakdown in communication between human and dog. Dogs do not speak or understand English or any other human language.

Dogs are pack animals and upon entering your home, you and your family become part of his pack. As a pack animal, there has to be a hierarchy and he needs to find his place in that hierarchy. There is no fairness or equality in their system and above all else, there has to be a ‘Pack Leader’.

At DogSense we guide you in all the areas where your dog will naturally look to you for leadership!

It is now fair to say that, once you are a dog owner it is your responsibility and that of other family members to provide leadership.

If you show weakness and do not provide boundaries and rules, your dog will instinctively assume the role of pack leader and with it, the stress of having to provide safety and security to you and your family.

Your dog’s new assumed role as pack leader, guided by natural animal survival instinct then takes  responsibilities that we humans find it unacceptable.

Such manifested unwanted behaviour is displayed as follows:

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This is where DogSense comes in…

We will guide you, showing you simple effective ways to reverse the leadership role back to you, by being able to communicate with your dog successfully. To understand the signals they send and what they mean – many of which we would easily miss prior to the dog behavior training program.

All that your dog requires are clear, simple, consistent messages that you and your family can easily learn.

Good News! The End Result With DogSense Training Programs!

The really good news is that we still get to love, fuss over and treat our dogs the way we do now!

Pack animals are social animals and thrive on all the attention they get, stroking and play is every bit encouraged.

They can still lie on the sofa or your bed if that is what you want.

Nevertheless, DogSense doesn’t believe in ‘quick fixes.’

You will soon notice, most of your dog behavior problems will change in a surprisingly short period of time right before your very eyes. However, it is vital that you (the pack leader) and your family, act consistently with your dog on a daily basis to keep those unwanted behaviours from returning.

DogSense do not condone owners who hit or yell at their dogs to correct unwanted behaviour!

Become YOUR dog’s pack leader today and give him the life he so rightfully deserves. The sooner you do this, the sooner you will both benefit a happy, stable home.

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25 Responses to “DogSense, Robbie Clarke – Dog Training & Behaviour N.Ireland”

  1. Shirley McFadden says:

    Hi Robbie,
    I have an eleven month old adorable golden retreiver called Jake. We are having a few problems with him which have occurred following an illness which made me unable to continue puppy training school. Do you run classes, where and how much?

  2. Hi I have two miniature dachshund dogs and they are very aggressive towards other dogs. Walking them is becoming an issue. Can you help

  3. Robert Clarke says:

    Hi Kat,
    I replied to your comment a day or so ago, did you get my email?
    Let me know if we need to take this further, thanks

  4. Hi

    I have a 2 year old miniature schnauzer. She has a habit of going to the toilet when she gets excited, I can’t work out if it’s for attention or if she’s genuinely too excited to control it. She also pulls excessively on the lead and barks excessively when out and about. Do you offer classes for dogs?


  5. Hi Robbie!
    Please help! We have a 8 month old White German Shepherd who thinks he rules the house… And everywhere else. His name is Kelevra and he definitely lives up to his name. He knows all of the basic commands like sit, shake, lay down, stay, etc. but only listens when convenient to him. He talks back (barks) when told to do something. He is constantly testing us. Hitting, actually with force, us with his paws. This is especially frequent when waking up in the morning. When he’s ready to wake up, he doesn’t hesitate to throw a paw on your face. He thinks it’s his place to be on the bed, no matter how many times we pull/push/drag him off. He turns discipline into a game, every time. When he doesn’t want to do something, or doesn’t like the way we’re doing it, he’ll bark/whine in disapproval. And we just noticed his very bad food aggression. Not with treats, or hand given kibble, only when it’s in his bowl. And to add to all of this, he’s extremely full of anxiety. When left alone in a room he flips out as soon as the door closes, barking/whining like mad, throwing himself against the door, destroying the walls, eating the electric sockets, and eating the side of our bed! Including the sheets! He can’t stay in a room by himself. He can be busy doing something, and as soon as someone gets up and leaves the room, he has to follow them where ever they go. If they close the door behind them, he’ll wait patiently at the door till the person comes out. He’ll even wait an hour if he has to. If the doorbell rings, forget ever having any kind of manners. He whimpers and jumps and goes crazy, especially if one of us goes out the door and closes it behind us. It’s like he’s never seen a person in his whole life. I’m very afraid of how he would react to another dog… I’ve had dogs all of my life, usually of the terrier type, pit bull, American Staffordshire Terrier. And I’ve never had such issues with a dog. Please, please lend us your knowledge!  

  6. Stacey Scott says:

    Hi, I have a 1 year old terrior x who is normally not aggressive but can be towards some dogs but not all of them. there has been an incident where a neighbour put there arm over my fence as he was trying to get to her dog who was barking at him and he caught her arm. I would like a bit off advice on this as I am scared he may bite someone properly!

    Many Thanks

  7. Robert Clarke says:

    hi Channan
    apologies for the delay, Robbie will respond to you shortly

  8. Robert Clarke says:

    hi Stacey
    apologies for the delay, Robbie will respond to you shortly

  9. Peter Jones says:

    Hi there, I have a problem with my mini yorkie and mini schnauzer, every time I let them off the lead or they get out of the house they run mad and don’t come back when called, this is starting to do my head in cause I end up walkin after them for about 20 mins to try and get them back. They are both well behaved dogs and no their place in the house but sometimes they will bark at people as they walk past the house or at the post man and jasper the schnauzer doesn’t seem to get on with kids an this worries me cause my fiancé and I are expecting our first child on the 16th of August. Could u please help us sort these wee problem ASAP.

    Thanks , Peter.

  10. Robert Clarke says:

    Peter, thanks for contacting Dog Sense. The recall or not coming back will require training and is not difficult, the barking in the house and dominance over children is more of an issue and concern. This can be a dominant and territorial problem where your dogs do not see you as the pack leader and therefore assume the role themselves. If this becomes a problem in the house then it will be more difficult to recall the dogs off leash on the walk.

    My consultations are £90.00 and last about 2 hours which will include a return visit to see the progress and 24/7 phone back up. I would also be happy to advise on the introduction of a baby into the family to make the new arrival more accepted by the dogs.

    Look forward to hearing from you and helping solve these issues.

    Be kind, be gentle,

    Dog Behaviourist –

  11. Hello!
    Our 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Snowball is usually very well behaved now, indoors more so than outdoors, he knows I am boss and has settled down a lot, as he used to be overly hyper, now he prefers to just laze around.
    The only problem is he can be quite aggressive towards some other dogs, (not all of them though), he has had some doggy friends in the past, but he gets very nervous and aggressive towards big, bouncy dogs and starts growling and going a bit mad, to the point where I can’t trust him off the lead. When he is off the lead it takes a good few loud calls to get him back which is a problem as well.
    We got him when he was one year old and we don’t exactly know his history as a puppy.
    As I said, he is absolutely brilliant indoors and doesn’t even mind the cat sharing his food, but outdoors he turns into a monster; he has never bitten another dog but I can’t trust him enough to take the chance.

    My only solution is someone who knows more about why he is acting this way and can help him gain his trust back!

  12. Jennifer says:

    we are having aggression problems with our 18 month old collie. Mainly with other dogs but this week he was aggressive with me when trying to put him outside in the morning and just this evening snapped at a local child when they were petting him. Need help as we adore him and dont want a knock on the door saying he has hurt someone
    Based in belfast

  13. Robert Clarke says:

    Comment has been answered personally, thank you from

  14. Hi
    I have a 2 year old crossbreed who barks in the house and in the garden if anyone passes. It has got to the stage when I let visitors into the house he is becoming aggressive towards them. Can this problem be sorted?

  15. Davie Brown says:

    Hi Robbie,

    I have a 20 month male Rottwieller, i went to puppy classes with him and everything went well, but over the last few months he has decided that he now has a mind of his own and all his training has went out the window, i can no longer let him off the leash as he will be gone and calling him and bribes of treats can’t tempt him back, he is aggressive with other dogs and sometimes with myself and my partner,he is constantly nipping at our ankles and feet, and when you tell him no he pounces at you and growls as if you are playing with him, he also barks constantly, he is also very very nervous around strangers, we can’t have any guests in our home without locking him up first. He has also started chewing things which never happened before.

    I am hoping you can offer me a 1 on 1 service as i really don’t want to get rid of him, but unless i can get a fix i fear i mite have to.



  16. Hi Robbie,
    I am writing in desperation at this point, my dog, Buster an american Pitbull was impounded last July and I have being fighting since to get him back. there was an incident where he got out(our fault really) and frightened a young girl barking at her, they have alleged that he bit her but Buster has never shown that kind of aggression he was always a barker but was always afraid of people and that was the problem. the Dog warden was called out but he did not have a problem as Buster was looked after well and was satisfied we had secured the garden enough for him. the family involved were not satisfied with this so took us to court where the judge ruled against us and took Buster without even a medical report to prove what happened.
    He is now in a dog training centre but they are now saying he has aggressive tendencies due to how he was trained growing up, I don’t understand this as he was never more than a baby in my house he slept in bed with me every night there is no way he was trained to be aggressive, the only reason I can think is that they took him out of his home and into a kennel and he is frustrated?
    Please Help as we are running out of time and really want our dog back.
    Thanks a million.
    Kind Regards,

  17. I have a 2 and 1/2 shitshu who still wets when every he wants, I take him out and he still does it in the house. His barking alot in and out of door. Jack does not listen to me when I call him or tell him to stop barking. CaN YOU HELP

  18. Laura O'Neile says:

    Hi, My 3 year old collie/allsation has a few behavioral problems. He does bark quite a bit at people walking past our house, he pulls on the lead and when being let out of the house and sometimes pees in the house!! He is very good in other ways such as fetching, coming back when called and when told to “stay” he wont eat his treats until he is told too. Is there any way you could give me a few tips?
    Thank you,


  19. Hi Robbie, I am actually writing this for my sister, who I believe really could do with some help. She owns a one year old Bichon Frise who she agrees, is quite unruly. He is ridiculously hyperactive and constantly tries to chew any visitor’s hand that tries to pet him. He isn’t biting, but he can chew quite roughly. When you stop petting him, he jumps up and tries to chew your hand, even when you keep it by your side. i have tried to ignore him when i walk into their house, but this does nothing to alleviate the situation. have dogs of my own and I know they don’t do this! My sister is actually quite a dominant person and tries to assert her authority over the dog. He reacts for a second and then totally ignores her. They walk him more than once a day and play with him constantly, but he just cannot contain his hyperactivity! There have been a number of occasions where their neighbours have posted letters through her door or called around to her house to complain about the incessant barking. I think this is what has nearly sent her over the edge. One neighbour in particular has threatened her with the council. She is a very responsible dog owner, but I know as a dog owner myself, that I would not be able to tolerate his behaviour. Have you any suggestions and do you provide home visits. She is almost at the end of her tether.
    Many thanks
    ( she lives in Lisburn, is this out too far away?)

  20. Hi, we have an American akita pup only 8 weeks old, had him a few days now but he is showing food agressive behaviour when I try to take away his food or even pet him while he is eating. I have young children in the house and am really worried about this.

  21. Sheena Negro says:

    Hi, my little cross breed is quite nervous. She knows her basic commands but I have not been able to train her to use the dog flap, she seems terrified of it. Is that something you could help with?


  22. Hi Robbie, we have a 3 year old springer who behaves like a pet to our family very engaging and just wants to play.The problem is that when a family member or stranger enters the house Molly becomes very agressive and eyes go amber to the point I feel she may bite. I dont know if Molly is trying to protect us or indeed is nervous, due to this fact we dont often invite people or friends round to the house.Can you give us some advice please.

  23. emma smiley says:

    Hi Robbie,my five year old neutured male dog has started behaving in a odd way. It started a few weeks ago and is getting worse. The first thing I noticed was that he tried to mount one of the cats now he is continually trying to hump one of my pillows. He is getting an erection and this behaviour is worrying me. What do I do?

  24. I have a 3 year old weimeramer who is very confident and generally well behaved. `After I returned from holidays last year his behaviour was markedly changed. When anyone visits I had always instructed them to ignore the dog until he calmed down and left them alone (he is very attention seeking), to date this had worked and he had improved significantly. Now when we have a visitor who he actually nips then to get attention, he has broken skin, which is obviously unacceptable. Today we had a visitor, who is very confident with dogs and was happy to meet him, his behaviour was even worse, I had to get between the dog and visitor.

    The dog is actually very good natured, but I want to work to stop this unacceptable behaviour. Can you make any suggestions please. I have taken him to training classes, his basic obedience is reasonable, he really enjoyed the classes, which we will return to when they restart, I feel it is good for him to socialise with other people and dogs. I had considered getting another dog, we usually have two, but feel now is not the time. HELP

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