Revealing Aggressive Dog Behaviour You Can Prevent Dog Bites

Dog Bites Are Serious – Never Say ‘My Dog Is Aggressive’ And Do Nothing!

Last year in the UK, 5,221 victims of dog bites needed hospital treatment, a rise of 13% from the previous year.

Nine out of ten victims are rushed in for emergency treatment.

Revealing Aggressive Dog Behaviour – Size Does Not Matter!

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We can help!

Robbie Clarke from DogSense is a leading expert in dog aggressive behaviour, these are just some of the symptoms of aggression.

DogSense believes that almost every dog can be helped and returned to a normal and balanced member of the pack. To back this up we offer a money back guarantee if YOU are not happy with the results of our training.

Aggression is a natural, reflex action in all dogs. It is an inherited part of their pack orientation.

Aggression is an unwanted behaviour and as a responsible dog owner you must recognise the signs of aggression in your dog and deal with it immediately!

If you are asking yourself ‘is my dog aggressive’ you can be dealing with a:

  • Potentially dangerous situation, when a dog shows any signs of aggression as mentioned above. It is recommended that professional help is sought, particularly if a dog’s aggression is directed towards humans.

Aggression can be put into two types:

Aggressive Dog Behaviour - Dominant Aggression

Aggressive Dog Behaviour - Dominant Aggression

Dominant – a dominant dog holds its head and tail high, stands tall, walks with assurance and stares aggressively at other animals.

A dominant dog commands and expects respect. A naturally dominant dog will attempt to run everyone else,  including his owner when leadership is not given.

It is also good to note that these signs can also show on small size dogs. So do not be fooled by believing that it only involves large dogs.

Your small beloved pet, can be a terror at heart!

Aggressive Dog Behaviour - Fear Aggression

Aggressive Dog Behaviour - Fear Aggression

Fear Induced – fear aggression occurs when a dog is scared, it does not matter if a situation has just occurred that scared the dog, it may only be an association that brings on the fear.

Most dogs that suffer fear aggression will first attempt to avoid any situation that scares it, if  avoidance is not possible then it will attempt to escape or flee.

Only when neither option is available will the dog feel its only option is to fight and it will become aggressive and bite.

Aggression is a natural reaction of all dogs as part of their pack mentality. When living in a pack it is necessary for a dog to display aggression to maintain its position in the pack hierarchy or to protect its food, its pups or itself.

It is therefore necessary that YOU position yourself as the alpha and project the leadership that is sought from your dog!

Dog aggressive behaviour must not be tolerated or allowed to escalate!

A dogs inherent pack instincts makes it so important that an owner immediately establishes himself as the leader or alpha. Your dog needs guidance, structure, motivation and as much love as you can give.

If you fail to provide leadership, and shower your dog with love and affection the only result will be you may gain the dogs trust but you will never gain the required respect.

All you require is the knowledge to understand your dogs language, enabling you to recognise dog aggressive behaviour, to communicate and to guide.

Aggression can be overcome with leadership, patience and repetition, never ever give up on an aggressive dog – dog aggressive behaviour is only a symptom.

When dealing with an aggressive dog – please seek professional help.

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  1. Hi, until our 7 month old black Labrador, Remi, was a kind affectionate dog who loved my mum, dad, sister and i very much. But today i went out to play with him, he was acting normally then all of a sudden he leaped on me an started to bite me on the arms shoulders, just anywhere he could bite. I know i have to remain as his master but i was scared and in pain. When i ran into the house i went to the bathroom, i looked in the mirror and saw my arms were all puffy a sore were he had bit but he had only broke through my skin on one area of my back.Can you please tell me what happened to him?
    he only has done this to me and no-one else.
    Excuse bad grammar.
    I would be very thankful if you could reply
    Thank you for your time.

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